Hi All,
Last night I noticed that the letter I posted on my facebook page on June 6, 2016, to my friends regarding cancelling my Pride Party and my efforts to fight against “REAP” were deleted off my page and not by me. The letter below is the posting I sent you that was deleted.
Please let me know if you receive any spam with my name attached to it or if my posting gets deleted again!!! Any Spam with my name attached or deleting of my posts ARE NOT BY ME!!!
Hi My Friends,
I want to make sure that you know why I’m not having my Annual Sunday Morning Pride Breakfast this year.
I had to call off this beloved event this June because I am currently engaged in a very important political battle that concerns the future of Long Beach, where I own rental units that I have struggled to purchase over the course of many years and many of which I have personally rehabilitated, adding to the quality of rental housing in Long Beach.
Currently I have had to use all of the resources at my disposal to warn residents, property owners, and business owners alike of this horrible program called REAP which is being pushed on the under-informed voters of Long Beach.
This set of laws called REAP (Rental Escrow Account Program) has been wreaking havoc in Los Angeles for years, and now the prospect of REAP is at Long Beach’s doorstep and the threat is real!
REAP is a program which masquerades as protection for tenants when in actuality it benefits neither tenants nor Landlords. The primary beneficiary of REAP is city governments, who profit greatly on a financial level from the extra fees and fines that the REAP program generates for each city that is uninformed enough to vote it in. The landlords may be on the hook for the fines, but you can be sure that landlords are going to find ways to pass the cost of REAP through to their tenants. The “REAP” inspectors may force their way into your home whether or not you are willing to allow access.
I first heard about REAP when my friend Belissa Cohen, who formally wrote the L.A. Dee Da column for the LA Weekly, lost her modest three-unit rental property in Echo Park to unfair practices by the Building & Safety Department, Code Enforcement, and the Housing Department under the guise of REAP. The administrators of the program made it impossible for Belissa to correct the defects, which concerned parts of a structure built without permits in the early part of the 20th century, for which there were no permits pulled at the time. Her building was put into the REAP program, and while her rents were halved and a REAP fee was levied monthly, she spent over two years hiring consultant after consultant, none of whom were ever able to make any headway with the inspector from Building & Safety, though both she and at least three different sets of consultants tried and tried to find a way to work with the city inspectors in order to modify her structure in some way that would get it out of REAP and restore the rents. Nothing she or her consultants did ever improved the situation. Regular court dates had to be attended. The property hemorrhaged money until Belissa was forced to list it as a short sale, also losing another property she had used to leverage the purchase of the Echo Park property.
Now a questionable organization calling itself “Housing Long Beach” and seemingly comprised of only two individuals, Executive Director Josh Butler and Community Organizer Jeannine Pearce, is trying to push REAP onto the unsuspecting voters of Long Beach by conducting a series of spurious, fact-lite informational meetings around the Long Beach area dispersing slanted information casting REAP in an undeservedly positive light, which anyone with direct experience of REAP will unhappily debunk.
“Housing Long Beach,” posing as a grass roots tenants rights activist organization, is in actuality trying to limit rights in Long Beach. Many of us are aware of the ongoing investigation by the L.A. Times and others into the serious and pervasive allegations of corruption and payola in the Los Angeles Departments of Building and Safety, Code Enforcement, and Housing. Why would “Housing Long Beach” an organization seemingly comprised of only two lone individuals, work so hard to bring a program with such a troubled history as REAP’s to Long Beach?
Please pass this information to anyone you know in Long Beach.
I’ve attached some other articles to show the abuse of power that is going on.

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